Bathroom exhaust fans do you the favor of removing moisture and fumes from bathrooms but when they are terminated in the attic they might cause you more damage than you think.

Bathroom Exhaust FlueDumping moist air in the attic can damage your insulation and reduce its R-valve or efficiency and could create MOLD. Terminating them to the exterior and keep your home efficient and mold-free. This flue is heading in the right direction, but not quite there. The next step would be to buy the proper roof vent and extend the flue to terminate at the roof. We would recommend a roofing professional come do the job, but depending on your fear of heights or being on a roof this is something most people could do with a little guidance and the correct tools. Owning a home is a ride and being able to take care of your home is the thrill. But always truly ask yourself if you are confident in doing any job.