Frequently Asked Questions

The purchase of a home is a major investment and a huge decision for your family. The inspection report gives you the power of knowledge. With that power, you can Stand By your investment and negotiate but also know where your attention needs to be for the future.

All home inspectors in the state of Texas are required by law to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Due to the exhaustive education requirements, Texas is considered the most difficult state to obtain a professional home inspector’s license.

While they are not legally required, it is highly recommended. Homes are typically a person’s most expensive investment, and most people do not have the training or experience needed to see major problems that can easily be found by a licensed home inspector.

At Stand By we are in the business of helping our clients make an educated decision. For you to make that decision we must inspect the home with the utmost integrity. The price of an inspection is minimal compared to the cost of repairs that could be missed and go unattended to if you choose to skip the inspection. The average cost per inspection is $350 and varies with the size and age of the home.

In a residential inspection 5 major items are inspected (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Appliances) At Stand By we proudly follow the Standards of Practice provided by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Following these standards, you can feel confident that your home will be inspected properly to ensure the consumer’s peace of mind.

Our inspections are very detailed and will take approximately three to four hours to complete, excluding the time it takes to prepare the report. These times may very due to the size, age and condition of the house.

Though residential building code is a foundation of my professional education, I’m not a code inspector while inspecting a residential home. If I reference code once it doesn’t mean I’m going to reference throughout the entirety of the house. I’ll mainly reference building code only when the safety of human life is concerned.

I’m here to observe and report what I see. That being said, it doesn’t mean that I can see through walls and it doesn’t mean the condition of your home will not change from one day to the next. But I’m very good at what I do and I’ll do my absolute best to provide you with the best home inspection your money can buy.

My report will tell you the condition of the house. There is NO perfect home, each will have defects. It is up to you to decide which ones you feel are important to you. If major problems are found, you may want to try and negotiate with the seller to have the defects repaired before closing the deal. In some cases the sellers will lower their price, or you may choose not to proceed with the purchase.

There is no pass or fail. Every home will have deficiencies and at the end of the report, you will not see a grade. Not all deficiencies are treated equal, some are more urgent than others and in Stand By’s reports the ones that need attention will be highlighted in red and seen on the summary page, so you know what needs to be done. Other deficiencies will be in blue, they are more common problems that inspector see that don’t need immediate attention, but you will still be made aware of them.

After the inspection you will always be treated as a family member to Stand By, so if you have questions down the road just call or text and we will be more than happy to help. Your business and satisfaction is very important to us.

If you decide to not to take the risk on a certain home after the inspection, we hope that we made a lasting impression and that you will remember to call Stand By for the next home you choose to pursue. Being a repeat customer, we are happy to give a family discount. All prices are based on size and age of the home and we are here to help you.