The thought of skipping the home inspection is a common one in the mind of the home buyer. “Why spend the additional money? What can they see that I can’t? We love this house, I don’t care what’s wrong with it.” These are some of the typical comments that the inspection industry encounters. As an inspector, it is part of my job to educate you on the importance of an inspection when making an investment as significant as that of buying a home.

Every house has a story, and it is the inspector’s job to tell it! Inspectors look at just about everything that can play a significant roll in the story of your home. Foundation, grading, roof, electrical, and plumbing are the big-ticket items. During an inspection, we look for clues that can lead to more significant issues. For example; the foundation has to be commented on, and it is not inspected directly, which means that the evaluation of the foundation’s performance is based on several variables in the home, including walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and more. All of these things can display signs of foundation settlement. If you don’t take these into consideration, you might not notice that the home’s foundation needs to be repaired. This might have been a deal breaker during the option period. Major repairs can break the bank, and if you aren’t prepared for them, the property is not a good investment for you. This is not something you want to regret, especially when it can be prevented.

My goal is to educate the home buyer or seller. Making an informed decision on a property is essential, you work too hard for your money to dump it into a money pit. I believe everyone purchasing a home should perform an inspection regardless of the age or condition you may think the house is in. The cost of a home inspection averages around $350, the average price for a small foundation repair is at around $5,000 and up.

Stand By your investment, and hire an inspector who will help you make the best decision.